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ajuga (a~hoo~ga)

"An attractive plant that thrives in the shadows."

More than a t-shirt or branded hoodie, Ajuga branded apparel is a conversation starter. Approachable and inviting, we welcome the opportunity to wear our successes on our sleeves and bare our stories on our chests. 


The maze is perfectly imperfect. The mountainous feel is like the climb of life, it’s zigzagged and crooked, sometimes hard and dark however there is a light at the other end and no matter what you path through the maze is, it will be part of you and make you who you are. Enjoy your journey through your maze as you will be better for it. 

Mind Body Soul Balance

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Ajuga Tribe is a not for profit group that is created to help those that have come through or are going through their darknesses. We strive to help not only one another within the group but a collective of all human race. Ajuga apparel donates $1 from every garment sold to the Tribe to be used to give back to areas of communities that need our help to lift their souls. If you have ideas for upcoming events ajuga Tribe can be a part of please reach out to us at admin.

The Founders

Fran Thorne

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Fran blends her unique life experience with outside the box thinking to offer her clients compassionate counsel as a Certified Life Coach. With an extensive background in sports, including being an active and avid soccer player, Fran is also a successful online fitness instructor. As a mother of two daughters, Fran also understands the challenges of relationships and family life and is now looking to help and support her clients to become their highest selves

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Kevin Lepage

After 15 years of owning and running a wildly successful international business selling heavy equipment and the anxiety that came with non-stop high-pressure sales, Kevin battled and beat addiction and relationship breakdown to discover what really mattered; serving others. Kevin found his calling in helping people make massive changes and live their best lives. Proud and loving father of Madison, Josie, Ava and Emmett, Kevin can be found working out with his life partner, Fran. Since dissolving his own limiting beliefs, Kevin embraces spirituality as an essential part of his life. By exploring the teachings of multiple masters and mentors, resulting in his belief that "it doesn't matter who you believe in, as long as you have faith in something

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